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Absolutely Organic provides you with a weekly or fortnightly Box based home delivery service. We are Dublin’s longest established and largest such service.

Absolutely Organic has a full range of Organic Boxes from which you can choose. These have been designed to suit different households, so there is almost certainly a Box that suits you.

We vary the selection of produce in the Boxes each week to give you great variety throughout the year and we select produce that is Local and Seasonal in preference to imported produce.

You can choose from our total range of Organic Boxes, Portions and Products to build an order which we will deliver every week, or every second week, throughout the year. In effect this is your ‘standing order’. This means that you don’t have to keep reordering. In fact you don’t have to do anything else all year other than to check the website for new offerings, or to amend, postpone or cancel your order.

You can of course change your ‘standing order’ at any time. Please see Amending Your Order and Postponing or Cancelling Your Order.

There is NO delivery charge for the Box Based Service. A minimum order of €20 applies. The Box Based Service is available in the Greater Dublin area and other Counties. To see when we deliver to your area, view Delivery Routes for the greater Dublin area and Other Delivery Areas for areas served outside Dublin.

If you just want to try one delivery before you take a delivery on a regular basis, see First/Trial Delivery.

Our Box System

Absolutely Organic provides a weekly or fortnightly home delivery service based on what is known as a ‘Box Based System’. Box systems have been well established in other countries for some time and have grown further in popularity in recent years, particularly in the UK, Germany and Holland.

Box systems arose initially as a way for farmers to sell surplus produce at times of glut. In a Box system, you receive a weekly delivery of fresh organic vegetables and fruit. The produce is pre selected and packed for you in a ‘Box’.

Absolutely Organic brings you the benefits of box systems, such as fresh produce direct from local organic farms, but overcomes the limitations of farm based systems by being able to provide a full range of produce sourced from many local farms, providing a year round, consistent and professional service and having the infrastructure to scale up the service to give you great Flexibility and a wide range of other Produce to choose from.

Benefits of Our Box System

Here are some of the benefits of using a box based system, compared to other forms of shopping, and some of the reasons why our customers love the Absolutely Organic Box based system.


Fresh produce (i.e. not processed) is by far the most effective method of delivering the nutrition that the body needs. Many people do not realise the extent to which vital nutrients, enzymes etc. are lost during the production of processed food. By ordering vegetables and fruit through our Box system you receive the maximum benefit naturally available. Whatismore, the produce in your Box will probably be fresher than produce sold in supermarkets because our growers deliver directly to us the week of your delivery.


Absolutely Organic always tries to source Local produce in preference to imports. We have long relationships with great organic growers and farmers in and around the Leinster area – in Kildare, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Wexford, Wicklow.


Absolutely Organic is dedicated to supplying Certified Organic produce only. We do not even carry produce that is in ‘Conversion’ (from conventional to organic, a process that can take up to three years). So you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible quality food in your order.

Since we started in 1997, Absolutely Organic has been Licensed by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) under the control of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (DAFF). Each year we have been subject to their Standards, Inspection and Certification. Absolutely Organic’s Licence number is 3306.

See Why Organic for further information.


Our Box system takes the hassle out of shopping for vegetables and fruit and it removes one more task from your busy schedule. You can relax in the knowledge that you will receive a proper quantity of fresh, organic food in your weekly diet.

And this will be delivered to your door, so no more arm ache from carrying heavy produce!

You can also use the website at any time (24x7!) to view products and amend or postpone your order – something you can only do during office hours when shopping in most stores or supermarkets.

Regular, Reliable Availability

People so often mean to buy a full range of vegetables or fruit on the visit to the supermarket, but realise afterwards that they have only bought the minimal amount. Because this is such a regular occurrence, the supermarkets themselves tend to only stock a minimal range of produce. This is even more pronounced in terms of organic produce. The Absolutely Organic Box system gives you a weekly supply of fresh organic vegetables and fruit all year round.

All Year Round

Guarantees that you can have at least a minimum of fresh produce at home each week all year round.

Consistent Quantity

The amount of a vegetable of fruit in any box will be the same consistently. You may find that some other box systems claim to have more items in their box, but the amount of any product may be very small.

Support for Irish Organic Farming

We actively support the work of organic farmers in Ireland. We have developed very close relationships with local organic producers. See 'Support for Local Organic Farmers and Growers'.

Less Packaging

Whenever possible, produce is unwrapped. Some produce may be placed in bags to protect from bruising for example.

Reducing Food Miles / CO2 Footprint 

Importantly, Organic farming is significantly more environmentally friendly than ‘conventional’ farming as it does not use the vast amounts of artificially produced chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc the manufacturing of which generate many millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

We have a NO AIR MILES policy. Our overseas suppliers are monitored to ensure that the produce we import travels only by land and sea.

Home delivery reduces the number of car trips to the supermarket. One of our Vans doing 50 deliveries is definitely more efficient than customers making 50 individual trips.

By having a commitment to a business model that supports local supply – unlike supermarkets – we reduce food miles in the delivery chain and we minimise the use of imported produce.


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