Beautiful Organic, Free Range, Chickens from Margaret Mc Donnell's certified Organic farm in the Curragh, Co. Kildare.

These birds have a happy and natural life, free to roam and forage outdoors and free from stress.

What is the difference between organic and conventional chickens?

Quality of life: Organic chickens are afforded natural conditions such as grass paddocks, straw bedding and perches. There is a big difference between free range chickens and organic chickens, check out this article and learn more about the differences here.

Antibiotics:  Organic chicken farming means that farmers don't rely on antibiotics or vaccines all benefits for you and your family. In contrast, antibiotics can be fed to conventional chickens to accelerate weight gain and treat or prevent disease. Read more about conventional chickens here and why we are now reaching the end of antibiotics here.

GMOS: The ingredients in organic feed must free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Conventional chickens are typically fed genetically modified maize and soy.

Length of life: Chickens for meat production are produced at ages of 35 to 49 days in commercial production, while organic chickens are grown to 81 days. Slow growing strains are the preferred choice for organic production.

Taste: We know that this is subjective but we think that organic chickens taste much better - after all they are eating their natural diet and Mother Nature know's best!


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